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Model NO.: AKD-0048
Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized
Material: Stainless Steel #304 / 316
Technology: Forge
Surface: PolishFinish / Paint Finish
Design: Customized
Package: Wooden Batten box

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When choosing a sculpture, we might consider a variety of styles for aesthetics, maybe from the Internet, maybe from Architectural Digest. Architectural Digest Sculpture has a wealth of styles and styles worth choosing and learning from. Material is also an important aspect of Architectural Digest sculpture; stainless steel is highly recommended for outdoor use. Because we have stainless steel, we get better results. Stainless steel is not only corrosion resistant, but also cold and high temperature resistant, so that the sculpture can achieve a stable state.

The sculpture in the picture is a form of architectural digest sculpture. On the whole, the sculpture is shaped like a number eight. The silver mirror surface of the stainless-steel sculpture has different gloss, and the winding rings are of different thickness, which has a good sense of rhythm. This architectural digest sculpture gives people a feeling of freedom, creating a relaxed and active atmosphere, especially outside the building or in the park, is a good place to place. Aongking has a lot of sculptures like this for you to choose from and reference, and also supports customizing them to your needs. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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