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Model NO.: AKD-0001
Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized
Material: Stainless Steel #304 / 316
Technology: Forge
Surface: PolishFinish / Paint Finish
Design: Customized
Package: Wooden Batten box

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Adornment is indispensable in a space, adornment is affecting our mood in an invisible, choose appropriate adornment is very important. In modern sculpture, 3d abstract metal sculpture is very popular. It’s a kind of mirror stainless steel, very modern. As a living room or room decoration, the hotel lobby, coffee shop, science museum, and city museum is very suitable. 3d abstract metal sculpture is both shaped and free sculpture. It can let you imagine a lot. No matter how many times you see it, it will bring you a new feeling.

The sculpture in the picture is a 3d abstract metal sculpture. The shape of the sculpture is very wavy, and the stainless steel material has a strong gloss, giving a modern and punk feeling. Each Angle of the 3d abstract metal sculpture can bring a different pose to the person. Its flexible lines intertwine, like branches, like flames, like vines… Perhaps each recognized eye has its unique beauty. Aongking stainless steel sculptures will bring you many surprises and interesting experiences. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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